Greetings! I am a native of Atlanta, currently pursuing a PhD in the School of Public Policy at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

My research focuses on the social, ethical, and policy implications of artificial intelligence. I am especially interested in formal and informal governance of AI; social implications of AI for domains like education, health, and labor; the ethics of AI; and science and technology policy. My work is interdisciplinary in nature and draws on ideas and methods from policy, computer science, philosophy, and other social science and technical fields.

I served as the Director of Research, Evaluation, and Planning at the Philadelphia Education Fund and as Secretary for the IEEE 7010-2020 Recommended Practice for Assessing the Impact of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems on Human Well-being. 

Prior to that, I studied Philosophy at Princeton University, focusing on robotics and intelligent systems, before completing a Master’s in Social Policy at the University of Pennsylvania.

You can reach me at schiff “at” gatech “dot” edu or at dan_schiff on Twitter.

My CV is here.

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