Greetings! I am an Assistant Professor of Technology Policy at Purdue University’s Department of Political Science and currently on industry leave serving as Responsible AI Lead at JP Morgan Chase.

As a policy scientist with a background in philosophy, I study the formal and informal governance of AI through policy and industry, as well as AI’s social and ethical implications in domains like education, manufacturing, finance, and criminal justice. My interdisciplinary and mixed methods research addresses topics such as industry standards and organizational practices for AI ethics, public and elite opinion and influence dynamics in the policy process, the development of social responsibility attitudes amongst future computing and engineering professionals, and the role of the public in governing emerging technologies.

At Purdue, I co-direct GRAIL, the Governance and Responsible AI Lab, where we focus on fostering research collaborations to study AI’s social, policy, and ethical implications. My work also includes the development of interdisciplinary coursework focused on technology, policy, and ethics, and I maintain a key interest in engaging with members of the public, stakeholders in civil society and industry, and policymakers.

Previously, I served as the Director of Research, Evaluation, and Planning at the Philadelphia Education Fund and Secretary of the IEEE 7010-2020 standard, the first AI ethics industry standard, focused on the impacts of AI on human well-being.

I studied Philosophy at Princeton University, focusing on robotics and intelligent systems, before completing a Master’s in Social Policy at the University of Pennsylvania, and a PhD in Public Policy from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

You can see my work in venues such as Public Administration, Technology in Society, AI & Society, the International Journal of AI in Education, IEEE Transactions on Technology & Society, the Journal of Engineering Education, the AMA Journal of Medical Ethics, and Nanotechnology and you can reach me at dschiff “at” purdue “dot” edu or at @dan_schiff.

My CV is here.

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