My teaching experience includes policy-oriented statistics and computing ethics courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels, as well as a teaching certificate. I worked for four years in policy and research in the non-profit education sector, and have a passion for issues such as STEM education and K-12 education policy.

I enjoy connecting with students and finding out what inspires them so that they flourish inside and outside of the classroom. Differentiation, transparency, flipped learning, student feedback, and creative uses of technology are core to my approach. I am happy to provide course evaluations on request.

Below, also see some examples of presentations to academic and public audiences.

CS 4001: Computing & Society

Georgia Institute of Technology, College of Computing

Summer 2020 (Syllabus) (Instructor)

PUBP 3120: Statistical Analysis for Public Policy

Georgia Institute of Technology,
School of Public Policy

Fall 2017 (Teaching Assistant)

GAFL 703: Statistics for Public Leadership

University of Pennsylvania,
Fels Institute of Government

Fall 2014 (Teaching Assistant)

Additional Teaching Experience

Georgia Institute of Technology “Tech to Teaching” Certificate, Center for Teaching and Learning

Instructor, SAT and LSAT, Princeton Review (2013-2015)

Selected Academic and Public Presentations

  • Can We Standardize AI Ethics at European Standards Conference 2022 (link)
  • The Impact of Artificial Intelligence/Robots on Education at GLOCER 2021 (link)
  • The Impact of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems on Well-being at EAD 2021 (link)
  • Applying the IEEE 7010-2020 standard at AAAS 2021 (link)
  • Principles to Practices for Responsible AI at ECAI 2020 (link)
  • AI and Economic Development at STIP 2019 (link)